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Douglas Roth
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The Concept

Douglas Roth, founded  EZ Arch, Inc. in Oct. 2000 after inventing, patenting, and developing a method and the apparatus for creating an environmentally friendly pre-fabricated, solid arch system.  EZ Arch, Inc. provides broad product opportunities to service the construction industry and contractors, as well as the general public. Our objective is to provide affordable, two-step pre-fab, solid arches to its diverse customer base.

The Process

The traditional 4 steps to install a custom arch at the work site are the following:

  1. Framing
  2. Hanging drywall board
  3. Installing corner bead
  4. Finishing
(Traditional arches require multiple trades, such as framer, drywall-hanger, and drywall-finisher @ approximately 2 hours each over 3 days total 6 hours minimum on the job labor costs!)

A pre-fabricated EZ Arch® Arch Systems built at the factory and delivered to the job site requires only two easy steps:
  1. Installing pre-fabricated Arch
  2. Finishing

Note: Taping is not required on an exterior arch.

The Product

US Patent #6408576

Our standard, solid Interior Arch System for a 30" to 38" opening is composed of fire retardant, plaster based gypsum joint compound. 

Galvanized steel locking tabs, inserted during the molding process, lend internal structural support to the arch and provide for easy installation.

EZ Arch, Inc. arches can be composed of concrete, metal, stucco, rubber, clay, styrofoam, wood, particle board, a composite of wood, plastic, or silicone, or any other substance that can be poured or injected into the apparatus.

Use our products...

and you will save time and money by cutting a multi-trade, four-step process down to two easy steps.  Just insert our arches into a 90° corner, fasten with screws and finish to desired texture.  Corner beading is optional with EZ Arch Interior products.